Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the price of the Franchise?
  • $25000 plus gst.

  • Is a Van Included?
  • No, This is for the Franchise fee only.

  • What type of van required?
  • LDV G10 (1 tonne van), Megasave Couriers has a National Fleet Discount with LDV.

  • If I need to take time off for holiday you provide a driver or l need to find someone to do the run while I am away for couple of weeks?
  • Megasave can provide the Replacement Driver or you can provide one as long as we approve your choice.

  • So the contract have expired date or is it on going?
  • The Franchise is Perpetual.

  • Do you provide training to show how it's done?
  • Megasave Provides full onsite training.

  • Is the 26 weeks of $2,000 a week and then $91,000 pa include GST?
  • Yes.

  • Do you pay by delivery of delivery or paid by the hour an if so how much an hour are you paid?
  • You are paid by delivery which equates to $3 (+gst) per parcel.

  • How many deliveries do I have to do a day?
  • Roughly 130, but averages out over the week.

  • What if we don't get that amount of parcels, do we get less pay?
  • no, it's a guaranteed income, and it doesn't matter if you get 1 or 130 parcels a day.

  • On the guaranteed income, do you pay for public holidays?
  • No, it's a business and you will be charged at the full day rate for every Public Holiday.

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