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Welcome to Megasave Couriers Australia

As part of owning your own business you have certain responsibilities to be compliant in the day to running of your Courier Franchise with Megasave.


  • Megasave has certain standards in the way of presentation of yourself, and your vehicle
  • Although a van is not essential is desired for the Megasave Brand
  • Vans or cars (if you choose to start this way) have to be clean and respectable at all times
  • Must show the Megasave approved branding
  • Uniforms must at all times be worn
  • ID’s (once supplied) need to be worn with the Megasave Lanyard

Authorised Driver

  • If the Franchisee needs a replacement driver, the driver must be Authorised by Megasave.

Service Standards

  • As part of the Pickup and Delivery service standards you must comply with the following
  • All parcels must be picked up Ince a day from the Megasave Depots/Storage/or pickup points
  • Once the parcels are received they must be scanned onboard
  • All parcels picked up on that day must be delivered/CC/scanned undeliverable within’ 24 hours

Driver Replacement 

  • If the Franchisee needs a replacement driver, the driver must be Authorised by Megasave.


  • In addition to the “Franchisee Earnings and Replacement Driver” attachment
  • All Franchisees on Guaranteed Incomes and Income Top Ups, are subject to strict compliance and will revert back to Natural Earnings for that week when there is Failure to do this.
  • Service Standards
  • Driver Replacement
  • Authorised Driver
  • Franchise Agreement terms and conditions
  • Guaranteed Income does not cover the
  • Following:

  • All recognised Holidays
  • All Public Holidays 
  • Incoming Freight held up prior to delivery to Megasave that will stop the Daily pickups and deliveries through the Megasave Network.

Megasave Couriers is part of the Bourne Media Limited Group of Companies

Bourne Media Limited is a Hong Kong Based Company No:2807029